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先日の公演[Apocalypse 3:31]より、 ANCIENT MYTHに強力なメンバーが加わりました!
ギタリスト 「kaya」(カヤ)
[左からHal, Shibuki, Michal, NINO, kaya]
これからの活動にご期待ください。 なお、新曲も披露した公演の模様は、現在ツイキャスプレミア配信にてご覧いただけます。(視聴期限:4/14 期間内無制限)


ANCIENT MYTH is pleased to announce the addition of a powerful new member to the group, starting with the recent performance [Apocalypse 3:31]!
Guitarist “kaya”
Bassist “NINO”
New official photos with these two members are now available.
[from left to right – Hal, Shibuki, Michal, NINO, kaya]
Please look forward to their future activities. The performance, which also featured a new song, is now available on Twitcasting Premiere Streaming. (Viewing deadline: 4/14 23:59, unlimited viewing during the period)