From L to R : Hal (Key), Shibuki(Ds), Michal (Vo), NINO (Ba), kaya (Gt)



その勢いのまま、ミニ・アルバム『Ambrosian Blood』を製作し、同年12月にリリースした。

Michal (Vo)
kaya (Gt)
Shibuki (Ds)
Hal (Key)


ANCIENT MYTH were formed in 2002, but no one of original member remains now.
from 2008, the present leader/vocalist Michal was leading the band and making their concept.
in 2016, Re-Recording Best Album “Aberration” was released over the world. (this was first release abroad)
The band performed at Metal Female Voices Fest XIII which was first performed in overseas. (Belgium, October 2016)

after that, the band had several shows in several country.

January 2017 – MIDI Festival, Shenzhen / China

March 2017 – Europe tour with TEMPERANCE (Italy) and OVERTURES (Italy)
– Belgium, Netherlands,
Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy

June 2017 – No Mercy Fest, Seoul / South Korea

Despite a series of member changes, they completed their third full-length album, “ArcheoNyx,” and released it in July 2021, receiving high acclaim from various quarters.
Keeping the momentum going, they produced a mini-album, “Ambrosian Blood,” which was released in December of the same year.
In 2011, we performed overseas in Hong Kong and Taipei for the first time since the COVID pandemic.
On March 31, 2012, Kohei (Gt) left the band, and kaya (Gt) and NINO (Ba) joined to form the current lineup.

Current line-up is:
Michal (Vo)
kaya (Gt)
Shibuki (Ds)
Hal (Key)