ANCIENT MYTH Re-recording Album “Aberration” available in 3 different versions at 24th JUNE (Japan: 29th JUNE) from FASTBALL-MUSIC
(Japanese below)

We are going to present our latest work “Aberration: Pt” which is a more than extraordinary album and available in three different versions.
Every song was recorded once with Japanese lyrics and then again with English lyrics and is now released under the following titles: “Aberration: Pt” on CD featuring a bilingual mix, “Aberration: Au” as a download edition in Japanese and “Aberration: Ag” as a download edition in English.


今作ではオーケストラアレンジ/キーボードに様々なバンドで力を発揮してきたYasuharu Ikedaを迎え、ディープな世界観が好評な既存曲を完全リアレンジ・リレコーディング。また、より一層ストーリーに引き込む書き下ろしのインストゥルメンタル2曲と、ライブで高評価を得てきた新曲2曲も収録。